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The Speed Walking Dog
Julie S.
Los Angeles, CA
7 friends
6 reviews
5.0 star rating

Lisa! I cannot say enough good things about her, so I will distill it down to the important points for a dog walker/petsitter:

Exceedingly in love with animals.
Exceedingly responsible.
Exceedingly trustworthy.

What more do you need to know? I have used her service for over a year, and I always knew my dogs were in great hands, possibly even better hands than my own! ;) She always texts after walking them so I can rest assured she's been over, and even says whether they did their biz! So helpful. She will go above and beyond to accommodate, even weird requests like, will you sit with my dogs while I'm at work and my landlord needs to show my apartment today? She will! come over.

Lisa. Just. Rocks.
Lauren L. West Hollywood, CA
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4 reviews
5.0 star rating
05/27/2023 Updated Review

We just added an 8 week old puppy to our family and now Lisa is taking car of him as well. She is so good with giving us tips on any questions we may have and we have a lot but she is always patient and so knowledgeable. We wouldn't want to go threw raising our little one without Lisa's help.
5.0 star rating
6/7/2022 Previous review
Few things stress us out like the feeling that our dogs have not gotten the care and attention they… Read more
Michael A. 0 friends
11 review
 5.0 star rating

Lisa has been taking care of my dogs since they were puppies. They are now six. She showers them with love and affection and more times than not spends more than a half hour with them. They are absolutely crazy for her. When I say Lisa's coming, they start spinning in circles and jumping knowing they are about to go on a great dog walk. I couldn't be happier with Lisa and her services.
John K. Los Angeles, CA
12 friends
 8 reviews
 5.0 star rating

Lisa has been taking care of my 3 Dobermans for the past 4 years, taking them on hikes, to the beach and pet sitting them when I go out of town. They are not the easiest to handle but Lisa has them completely under control, they listen to her every word, they respect her and love her and she in turn respects them and loves them back. They have a wonderful relationship and I hope they all grow old together.
Andrea S. Los Angeles, CA
15 friends
19 reviews
 5.0 star rating

I was referred to Lisa by a co worker who said her dog walker was the absolute best don't look at anyone else! I called Lisa and she spent about an hour on the phone with me as I explained that my dog suffered from terrible anxiety was awful with strangers would pull on the leash and had to be kept away from other dogs because he would attack them. Lisa's comment - so when would you like to set up a meeting so I can meet you and your best friend. Lisa came over and sat about 15 feet from Joey as he barked and growled at her and she didn't say a word she would just keep putting treats on the ground until he got closer and closer to her that he took a great from her hand - she did this exercise for the next two weeks until he trusted her enough to put his leash on him and take him for a walk. They are the best of friends now and he goes crazy when he knows Lisa is coming. He is a much happier dog, he's calmed down with strangers and its all because of the love and time Lisa has given him
Rob S.

Los Angeles, CA
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1 review
5.0 star rating

My akitas go on the best dog hikes with Lisa and her crew from The Speed Walking Dog, they come home happy and content and thrilled to sleep the day away and I don't feel bad about the long hours I have to work even though it's from home, because I know they've had a tremendous amount of exercise. I don't think any of the three of us, my two dogs and myself could live without the routine of these hikes and Lisa is great she always has water and poop bags to make their experience so enjoyable - she rocks

Julie L.
Los Angeles, CA
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 5.0 star rating

The Speed Walking Dog and my dog walker provide me and my dog with the best dog walking services I could ever hope for. When I first contacted Lisa about walking my dog she got back to me within a half hour and had a meeting set up for me to meet my potential dog walker within an hour and a half. Two days later my dog was going on his walks and that was three years ago. After every walk, I get a text message updating me on how my dog is and if he did all his business which is important seeing how sometimes I have to work late. They are open 7 days a week so if I need a walk on the weekend it's no problem and if I need a last minute walk during the week, I just call Lisa up and she gets things in motion. I wouldn't trust anyone else with my pup or in my home. I've referred both of my sisters to use The Speed Waling Dog.

Robert S.
Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA
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5.0 star rating
12/10/2022 Updated review

My last review was filtered and I don't know why so I am going to try and write my review again because I believe the Speed Walking Dog deserves to be recognized for their outstanding service. They walk my dog and pet sit my dog and cats when I go out of town and they shower my pets with so much love and care that when I come home, whether at the end of a long work day or after a business trip, I find very happy and content animals waiting for me. They update me with text messages everyday about how my pets are doing and Lisa is wonderful in getting back to me within hours with any answers to all of my questions or if I need a last minute walk. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice to have chosen The Speed Walking Dog as my pet services provider.
 5.0 star rating
 5/27/2019 Previous review
The Speed Walking Dog is my dog walker and my pet sitter for my dog and two cats whenever I go out… Read more

Halle S.
West Hollywood, CA
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1 review
5.0 star rating

Lisa has been taking care of my dogs, (and cats) walking and house sitting for several years. I couldn't be happier. Frankly when I come back in town, the dogs aren't really all that happy to see me and neither are the cats, which means they've not only had a great time, but they've been VERY well cared for. When Lisa walks the dogs, I love that she sends a text after the walk letting me know how they did, who they saw etc...I know it sounds crazy, but I really look forward to the text after the walk. Don't be crazy, hire Lisa...if she still has space, she is wonderful with animals, they just love her. Lisa has a unique bond with them, it's really something to see. My dogs and cats just love her...it's a good thing I'm not the jealous type...

Justin W.
Downtown, Los Angeles, CA
1 friend
2 reviews
5.0 star rating

Lisa has walked my Dog for almost a year and I have to say, I wouldn't trust anyone else! She always goes above and beyond and always tries to accommodate me on short notice. If you need a dog walker look no further
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